Dental Services

    • Our Dentists: The dental department is managed by two dentists currently. One of them is in charge of all routine dental procedures and the second dentist is an Orthodontist. We are currently in the process of setting up a state-of-the-art Implantology suite managed by an Implantologist.
    • Dental department: The dental department has an ultra-modern and comfortable chair with all essential utilities. Our dental department places a great emphasis on hygiene and has its own modern vacuum autoclave for the sterilization of re-usable instruments.
    • Dental Procedures: Common dental procedures like scaling, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, dentures, extractions, etc are performed routinely. We also offer LASER whitening of the teeth as part of our Cosmetic Dentistry initiative. Those who wish to undergo LASER whitening can get in touch with the dentist through the hospital reception.
    • How to make an appointment: You can make an appointment to see the Dentist through the hospital reception, through this website’s contact form or send us an email. Patients without prior appointments will be seen as soon as the dentist is free if he is busy with a case.