Diagnostic Imaging Services

Imagine the plight of a patient with a fracture driving all the way to Mombasa

[45 kilometers across the ferry] to get an X-Ray done! Realizing the fact that an X-Ray was very much needed, Diani Beach Hospital introduced a radiology department to fill this vacuum.

Routine orthopedic, chest, and abdominal x-rays are performed by our radiographer using the latest Shimatzu high resolution x-ray machine.  We have a reputed Radiologist on our panel to review X-Rays for us when necessary.  Specialized X-Rays (Barium films, IVPs, contrast X-Rays), CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound we have established a partnership with major hospitals in Mombasa.  Patients will be transported in the comfort of our air conditioned ambulance to get these tests done.