The Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency Unit was designed to address the needs of critically ill patients and was established in the year 2004.  In emergencies time is essence and the ICU helps in saving valuable time by offering comprehensive critical care to stabilize patients before they are referred to tertiary hospitals in Mombasa if need be.  The ICU is a single bed unit with the following features:

      • Bedside cardiac monitor.
      • Automatic Electronic Defibrillator.
      • Portable ventilator.
      • Oxygen delivery systems.
      • Pulse Oximeters.
      • Arterial Blood Gas Analyzers.
      • Electrocardiogram.
      • Suction unit.
      • 24 hour medical and nursing team on call.
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      The ICU to its credit till date has helped several lives over the course of the past decade or so.  We routinely manage heart attacks (including thrombolysis), strokes, endocrine and metabolic emergencies, drowning cases to name a few.  The ICU has been acclaimed by many to be the best in the South Coast of Kenya and caters to a large number of residents and tourists alike.