Upgrading of the Laboratory and expansion of the Hospital

  • Significant investment was made upgrading our laboratory with the addition of, among others, biochemistry analysers, ELISA, and automated blood cell counters.
  • In addition, the Hospital was further expanded to increase


Establishment of the High Dependency Unit

  • In 2004 the Hospital inaugurated a High Dependency Unit for management of critical patients.
  • The latest defibrillator, ventilator and other life-saving equipment were all installed in the HDU.
  • Within weeks of opening our

1998 – 2003

Phase I of Hospital Expansion.

  • The inaugural phase between 1997 and 2002 saw a consolidation of the development of our infrastructure.
  • Private room capacity was increased from 2 to 6 and the general wards increased from 8 to 18


Inauguration of the Hospital.

  • Realization of the fact that a small clinic would not suffice to cater to the healthcare needs of an ever growing tourist and resident population led to the birth of Diani Beach Hospital.
  • Diani Beach