Facilities at Diani Beach Hospital

An impeccable array of facilities and services essential for quality patient care makes Diani Beach Hospital easily one of the best private hospitals in Kenya. We take pride in our facilities and ensure that the patients benefit from both the tangible and intangible assets that make up our organization. From the spacious waiting rooms to the luxurious in-patient rooms, from the doctors’ consultation rooms to the dentist’s chair, be it the modern physiotherapy department or the state-of-the-art major theatres, ICU or endoscopy/laparoscopy suites, our services rival the best in the world of healthcare. In addition to the fixed structures, the hospital boasts an advanced cardiac care ambulance (the only one of its kind in the region) imported from Australia and capable of saving lives on the go.

The facilities at Diani Beach Hospital are second to none in the region.  We have ensured that we bring to every citizen of the County and beyond access to world class care right at their doorstep.  We have invested heavily in a range of technological advancements to enable quality patient care.  Our infrastructure speaks volumes about our commitment to quality medical care in not just Kwale County but in East Africa.

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