Oncology & Chemotherapy Services

Cancer is one of the leading killers and timely detection helps in better management of the same.  Diani Beach Hospital offers a wide range of cancer screening tests to interested patients from blood based tests to scans, PAP smears and mammography (at a referral center).  In addition to steps aimed at detecting cancers at early stages we also are able to offer chemotherapy services to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer treatment is a multi-disciplinary issue and needs the active participation of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and skilled nursing personnel at the very least.  We have an in-house certified clinical oncologist who can not only help design chemotherapy protocols should there be a need but also can oversee the administration of chemotherapeutic agents for patients who are already being managed by another specialist but are on holiday in the south coast.

Should a near or dear one be diagnosed with cancer you can always contact us for the next steps in ensuring appropriate management of the cancer.  Our commitment to battling this killer disease remains a massive priority and patients and relatives can rest assured that our services will bear the signature gold standard Diani Beach Hospital quality.

Some of the cancers for which we have been able to offer chemotherapy till date include:

  • Esophageal cancer.
  • Soft tissue sarcomas.
  • Pancreatic cancer.
  • Breast cancer.
  • Colon cancer.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Cervical cancer.
  • Liver cancer.
  • Lymphomas.

At this point in time we are able to offer chemotherapy services alone and we do not have a radiation department.  Patients in need of radiotherapy will be referred to Nairobi or overseas as deemed necessary.