Our Laboratory

Good diagnosis no doubt requires an excellent clinician but the role of the laboratory in modern medicine is definitely not an understated one. The laboratory has an array of sophisticated equipment to assist in accurate analysis – including an automated blood cell analyzer, ELISA, biochemistry analyzer, coagulation screening device. The laboratory can perform tests in virology, biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, parasitology, immunology and serology.

What makes the Diani Beach Hospital laboratory distinct?

  • Skilled laboratory technologists trained in the latest diagnostic techniques.
  • Zero-risk of cross-infection to patients.
  • No out-sourcing of routine tests unlike most other hospitals in the region.
  • Very rapid test results turnaround time – typically less than 15-30 minutes for most common tests including tropical diseases.
  • International accreditation by HUMAN for Quality Control and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices).