Well-Woman Assessment I

Well Woman Assessment I

This package includes:

  • Review of family and personal history.
  • Complete physical examination (Blood Pressure, BMI, systemic examination).
  • 12-lead ECG. (high-risk individuals)
  • Breast Self Examination techniques.
  • Eye tests can be arranged where needed.
  • X-ray of chest.
  • Laboratory studies:
  • Complete Haemogram.
  • Blood grouping and typing.
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate.
  • Fasting and post-prandial blood sugars.
  • Lipid profile.
  • Liver function tests.
  • Kidney function tests.
  • Serum Amylase.
  • Electrolytes.
  • Urinalysis –Routine and microscopy.
  • Stool analysis.
  • Stool for occult blood.
  • Ultrasound of pelvis (if requested).
  • High Vaginal Swab.
  • Pap smear.
  • Complete written report with recommendations.